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This new kit of Biomic Gum provides 6 kinds of pink color, which can be used together to imitate different colored gums. Also one color shade guide and one 3D Brush are included. With the use of them, you can complete higher-level staining and obtain a more ideal bionic aesthetic experience.


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Biomic Gum Color Display

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2D paste:Pink5/PinkR

3D paste:Pink1/Pink2/Pink3/Pink4/3DN/3DV

Liquid  :Coloring Liquid 1/Coloring Liquid 2

Accessory:3D Brush/6Shades Guide


Due to the large number of restorations made when doing implants, in addition to the aesthetics of the crown part, the "pink" aesthetics of the gums are also indispensable. In order to enable dental technicians to quickly produce bionic gum color with zirconia materials, Aidite has launched a new Biomic gum color paste kit. The product is designed to allow dental technicians to use a fast, simple method to finish their work, achieving a restoration that replicates natural gums.

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Low-temperature powder can be mixed into Glaze-F to form a special paste. If it is too thick, it can be mixed with coloring liquid 1.
If you want to make a special color 3D paste, just mix the powder with 3D Natural, and add the coloring liquid 2 toadjust the 
consistency as needed for easy operation.
All the surfaces of all-ceramic crowns can be adjusted with 3D paste.
The 3D pastes contain porcelain powder, which will increase the thickness after sintering, and can be used toincrease the

occlusal contact area, abutment surface and incisal length.
When micro-cutting the full crown, 3D paste can be directly used after dyeing to achieve the same effect as porcelain.
To reduce the surface brightness of the restoration after sintering, the sintering temperature can be reduced to 715 ℃.
To improve the surface brightness of the restoration after sintering, the sintering temperature can be increased to 750 ℃.
You can increase or decrease the surface brightness of the restoration by manual polishing after glazing.
Under normal operation, white zirconia does not need to use pink coloring liquid for internal dyeing treatment,and can be
directly dyed with the gum suit.
If you need strong chroma, you can use Pink R or Pink 5 to cover the surface of the framework first.
Can be used to enhance the color of gum after porcelain and repair surface defects.