Wojciech A Bociek


2000-2004  High School in Grudziadz profile: general with extended informatics

2005-2007 Post-Secondary School of Medical Sciences. M. Copernicus University in Torun, title: dental technician

2008-2011 The higher School of Humanities and Economics in Lodz Political Sciences specialization: Public administration

2015-2016 Pedagogical Postgraduate studies at the Athenaeum, the Higher School of Gdansk

2009-2010 Mediq Legionowo Clinic as a dental technician

2010- 2011 Own business - dental laboratory technology

2010-2011 Tumba Dental in Sweden as a dental technician

2011-2012 Tumba Dental in Sweden as a dental technician

2012 - actually Freelancer Dental Technician

2013 -2015 Dentallab Gdansk dental technician

2015-2016  Imes Icore Polska Support Dental Technician / Specialist Dental customer service

2015-2017 Lecturer in Dental Technology

2016 -2019  Natrodent 一 DOF central europe

2019 - actually Tag Dental

2019  - actually Lecturer in Dental Technology

Medical and social team of post-secondary schools in Chojnice

Lecturer in Dental Technology

Didactic practice in dental technology.

Orthodontic didactic practice.

Theoretical lectures: dental technique, materials science and technology.