Study on the effect of different disinfectants on the properties of denture base resin

In order to better use and clean a foot of denture base resin, the effects of 4 different disinfectants on the properties of denture base resin were compared.

Rectangle base resin specimens of 75, were randomly divided into 5 groups, each group of 15 pieces, with water immersion, 0.12% chlorhexidine immersion, 75% alcohol, false teeth cleaning solution soak, 0.5% iodine volts soaking, observe and test specimen color, surface roughness, surface microstructure and bending strength test, the change of the water absorption value and dissolved.

Obvious cracks could be observed on the surface of 75% alcohol-soaked base resin, which was significantly different from other groups.Significant staining was observed in 0.5% iodine-volt immersion, and slight staining was observed in 0.12% chlorhexidine immersion.

Solution immersion of denture cleaning tablets has little influence on the surface roughness, water absorption, solubility, bending strength and other properties of resin specimens. Therefore, it is recommended to be used as the disinfection method of denture resin base.

----《Journal of clinical stomatology》