Advantages of zirconia abutment in implant restoration

1. Beautiful. Because the color of zirconia abutment is more close to the color of normal human teeth, so it has better aesthetics. The zirconia abutment does not reveal gray at the gum edge, which has a better aesthetic advantage than titanium abutment.

2. Less plaque adhesion. Soft tissue around the implant acts as a biological barrier in the mouth. Studies have shown that the soft tissue around the zirconia abutment heals faster than the soft tissue that the titanium abutment touchs.

3. Good biocompatibility. Zirconia abutment is non-toxic to human body and does not cause problems such as gum staining. Studies have found that the expression level of soft tissue and infiltration of inflammatory mediators around the healing cap of titanium in the zirconium oxide is higher than the surrounding expression.