There are 3 types of 3D printed surgical guides:

Teeth supported surgical guide: the surgical guide plate is directly fixed on the adjacent tooth of the missing tooth area, and is used for patients with a single or a small amount of tooth loss. Minimally invasive non-flap implant surgery can be performed, which is suitable for beginners and small gap implants.

Mucosa-supported surgical guide: Under the premise of fully understanding the bone mass and mucosal conditions, the guide plate is directly fixed on the alveolar ridge top mucosa of the missing tooth area. It is suitable for patients with continuous multiple tooth loss. Holes to determine the exact position of the guide;

Bone-supported surgical guide: suitable for cases with many missing teeth, bone defects, or uncertain cases that require conventional flaps. Such surgical guides should be used to reduce errors and perform bone augmentation operations in a timely manner, and often require sideways Cortical bone nails are used for incremental bone surgery, and lateral cortical bone nails are often required for auxiliary retention.

Med & Pharm J Chin PLA, Vol.27 , No.11, Nov.2015