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How to treat Gingival lesions in newborns?

Gingival lesions rarely occur in newborns. However, when present, they commonly worry the parents and impair the infant's feeding, thus affecting growth. Such lesions are usually nonneoplastic in nature, although malignancies may develop; therefore, specimens must be submitted for histopathologic examination. A 2-month-old girl presented with a 10-mm nodule on the anterior lower alveolar ridge in association with natal tooth extraction and neonatal tooth eruption. The lesion was excised with high-power laser under local anesthesia, and a histopathologic diagnosis of a peripheral ossifying fibroma was made. In addition to peripheral ossifying fibromas being rare in newborns, the use of high-power lasers for surgical procedures in newborns have been proven to be safe, comfortable, and efficient.

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