Application of gum resin in plant

Since the invention of implant technology, the implant effect has become more and more predictable, which is considered as a very reliable dental repair technology. 

From aesthetic view, by improving the soft tissue structure around the implant in the surgical planning stage, the final repair effect of implant will be better.

In aesthetic restoration, it is better to maintain the natural gingival contour to make the overall appearance of the mouth natural and harmonious, but it is difficult to predict whether this will be achieved. Dental industry pays more attention to the faithful restoration of the prototype. In order to create the natural gingival contour, it is very important to repair the implant immediately after remodeling.

This need can now be met through 3D printing. The printed gingival resin can perfectly reproduce the tissue contour and obtain the accurate gingival penetration height. The gingival reconstruction used in implant restoration very well to simulate the appearance of gingival tissue, which is used to assist in determining the neck contour and appearance of the repair body.

---China medical Tribune oral today