Analysis of nursing intervention in the treatment of children's bad oral habits with MRC appliance

MRC correctional treatments for muscle function, in the clinical treatment of children's oral habits has significant effect, clinical child mouth bad habits are mostly due to the children in childhood thumb sucking, spit tongue action, grind their teeth and mouth breathing, and so on and so forth a bad habit, caused by the above bad habits, if we do not take timely correction function for children after teeth and oral cavity muscle will have serious harm, cause muscle function in children with system disorders and a variety of oral diseases [1].Therefore, early treatment in childhood is of great significance to the children's later life. Combined with the corresponding nursing intervention, give children with targeted tongue muscle training, gradually guide children to adopt the correct way of occlusion, to correct children's many bad habits, can effectively improve the children's oral symptoms.

---Wangxiangling Journal of Clinic Nursing’s Practicality