Application of 3D printing technology in dental implant – surgical guide

The Angle and position of implant implantation need to be determined according to the local bone tissue condition after the mucosal flap is opened during the operation when the implant technology is still in the early stage, which is prone to improper implantation position and other adverse results, thus affecting the later repair effect. In the early stage, there were many problems such as large undercut and deformation.


More importantly, the diaphragm surgical plate is based on the diagnostic model, which cannot refer to the bone tissue information, cannot determine the 3D structure of the jaw in the implant area. It is not suitable for patients with poor oral conditions, such as multiple implants, which need to obtain the same implant angle, complete immediate denture repair or complete denture implant repair. With the development of 3D technology and computer technology. By using computed tomography or optical scanning and combining the parameters of anatomical structure and repair, 3d digital implant data can be obtained, so the preoperative anatomy of the planting area can be analyzed and the implant position can be reasonably designed. According to the above design, 3D printing technology is used to produce the implant guide, which can overcome the shortcomings of the traditional pressure film guide plate.

---J Med Postgra, Vo.31 , No.11, Novermber,2018