1. Traditional methods can only be applied 3-6 months after tooth extraction, the patient's image is very ugly while waiting, causing huge physical and mental pain;

2. Without the use of traditional hooks, sleeves, dental trays, and without abrasion of healthy adjacent teeth, implant the implant immediately after removing the patient's teeth, and immediately repair the temporary denture to prevent atrophy and lesions caused by alveolar absorption;

3. The patient can repair immediately after pulling out the tooth without waiting for the wound to heal, restore the chewing function, reduce the number of operations, and shorten the treatment time;

4. The time spent on impression making and processing design is lower than traditional restoration, shortening the treatment process and time of missing teeth, and improving the experience of visiting the clinic;

5. Effectively reduce the physiological absorption of alveolar bone, avoiding the large bone grafting or reconstruction caused by the lack of bone in the implanted area;

6. It has advantages in chewing function, aesthetic effect and planting curative effect, which is worthy of popularization and application.

"Chinese and Foreign Medical Research" Vol.16 No.28 October 2018 Jiang Liya