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Biomic Glazed Pen

Biomic Glazed Pen

[ product description ] 

2D brush: suitable for applying external dyeing paste on details.

3D brush: suitable for large-area painting of external dye paste.

The new MPF synthetic brush combines two types of bristles (Kolinsky and synthetic bristles)

Incorporate into a brush head to uniquely "combine elements".

To Due to the needs of the industry, we are developing a series of CAD-CAM products,

These products will undoubtedly succeed in mainstream fields and are essential to every laboratory.

To Our latest zirconia dyeing brush is made entirely of ABS plastic,

Zero pollution to the contaminated liquid on the metal sealing gasket.

Product advantages:

To Premium kolinsky mink brush tip.

New plastic handle and sealing gasket.

Tip dehumidification system


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