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Biomic palette

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Biomic palette

The material selected for the Biomic palette is Adite Ceramic SHTC ultra-high-permeability zirconia material. The pre-dyed sophisticated processing technology retains the permeability of the SHT ultra-transparent material and simplifies the operation of color rendering. The background color of the palette is similar to that of the restoration, assisting in accurate color adjustment

Biomic palette, the size of a disc, has all functions.

It is printed by Adit 3D printer, with condensed texture, especially easy to carry.

The key is that it can be freely rotated and used like a roulette.

The Biomic color palette can be customized for color selection. Currently, there are three colors available for selection, A1/A2/A3. For different color restorations, the color palette is more accurate.

A color palette made of zirconia-

丨Precise color mixing丨Customized color selection丨Small and delicate丨

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