3D Pro Zir Blocks

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CAMEO 3D pro zir ceramic is developed by a collaboration of Aidite and Peking University school of stomatology to meet the patient needs of esthetic and bionics. Dentists can provide patients now with faster and better Zirconia solutions for Crown and Bridges.

[ Advantage ] 

  • Smooth, layer less color transition matching the shade gradient of natural teeth and making the integration of the restoration a success.

  • The light transmission has a natural decrease from 57% translucency on the occlusal side reduced to 43% on the neck area. 

  • The occlusal layer of 3D pro zir has a much lower strength compared to the bottom layer. This biomimetic concept will will increase the wear of opposing teeth. 


CAMEO 3D Pro Zir Blocks

[ Introduction ]