Characteristics of flexible dentures

Invisible denture is a new material and technology of denture repair developed by the United States and Japan in recent years.It is to replace the metal clasp and the plastic hard base of the traditional removable denture with a variety of polymer materials with high elasticity and strong folding resistance. It is called invisible denture because of its good concealment in the oral cavity. It is also called elastic denture and elastic bionic denture because of its strong elasticity.

1. Advantages of invisible denture:

(1) concealed beauty: with the exception of artificial teeth, all the base brackets and retainers of invisible dentures are elastic, the color of materials is similar to the gums, and there is transparency. It is not easy to see the dentures in the mouth, and there is no metal clasp, bracket, and support made by traditional dentures exposed in the mouth, which improves the aesthetic effect.

(2) flexible and durable: the invisible denture is tough, with strong pulling and folding force, and will not be broken even when it ADAPTS to bending. The volume and volume in saliva are stable, and there is no crack and deformation of the base bracket.

(3) simple application: the invisible denture can reduce the grinding of abutment, and it is easy to make by pressure perfusion.

(4) good retentive effect: the retentive denture base bracket has toughness, which is closely attached to the mucosa, and its retentive clasp and base bracket can enter the hard and concave area of soft tissue for retentive effect.

2. Disadvantages of invisible dentures

(1) the missing teeth of the whole mouth should be repaired with invisible denture, because the base and clasp materials are elastic and tough, and the chewing efficiency is poor.

(2) when partial molars are missing and repaired with invisible denture, the support, base and clasp are elastic and ductile, and the denture can feel the rise and fall when chewing.


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