A-IS Pro 

Digital Scanner

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[ Blue light scanning] 

  • Less affect by external influences.

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[ Introduction ] 

Aidite A-IS Pro digital is a fully functional dental 3D-Scanner for professionals. Perfect and precise digitalization for prosthetic cases, orthodontic, and surgical planning.  

Small and powerful, it has the fastest speed compared to other dental scanners in this segment. 
Perfect for labs and milling centers with high demand, it will help users to expand the production and upgrade productivity. 

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  • Occlusion Scan only 8s

  • Upper and lower ja Scan in 12s

  • Abutment or Die Scan in 13s (less than 8 units)

  • Impression Scan  58s

  • Dynamic Scanning - Scan-Head swings 0-5

  • Texture Scan

  • Can be used for: 
    Abutment teeth, stone models, impressions, triple-tray-impressions, articulator and more.

  • The device weights only 5kg, small an lightweight, easy to carry. 

  • The open construction makes it easy to clean and use. 

Aidite A-IS Pro Digital Scanner

Compatible with mainstream

dental design software