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[ Introduction ] 

New generation of high-tech intelligent porcelain furnace, with stable vacuum heating and intelligent temperature control technology. Ultra sealing structure and quartz tube cover heating unit enhance the heating reliability, effectively accelerating 30% heating process and prevent heating unit aging at the same time, ensure chamber clean.Second-stage program meet the specific market requirements.The temperature accuracy + / - 1 ℃ and  1 s/time real-time feedback by intelligent AI temperature control system, accurate 3 stages comprehensive heating process. Automatically pre-drying and furnace closing, automatic heat dissipation and adjustable cooling temperature. The CFP-100 bring more humanized experience, significantly improving the effect result.


[ Introduction ] 

[dental application ] 

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  • Zirconia Glazing

  • Glass Ceramic firing

  • Second-stage program

  • Adapting various porcelain powder

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Cameo CFP-100 Porcelain furnace

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