Temp Material 

· Monochromatic / Multi-Layered ·

Monochromatic PMMA

The solution for temporary restorations

Aidite monochromatic PMMA is used for temporary restorations. Available in 16 VITA  and 3 bleach shades, a perfect fitting temporary is quickly produced. Various available geometries  and sizes makes it compatible with all kinds of milling machines. Aidite Temp can also be used as a fit and function check before the final restoration is produced. We recommend this PMMA for machine calibration as well. 

[ Advantage ] 

Various colors and geometries
Long-term color stability and easy to polish
Biocompatible because of low residual monomer 

[ Recommended  Indications ] 

[ Colors ] 

Multi-Layered PMMA

The aesthetic solution for temporary restorations

Aidite Multi-Layered PMMA is the aesthetic solution for temporary restorations. Thanks to the smooth layer transition and natural color gradient, only polishing is necessary to finalize long term temporary crown and bridges. Available in 16 VITA and 1 bleach shade as well as various geometries and sizes, Aidite Temp is compatible with all kinds of milling machines.  

[ Advantage ] 

Esthetic, natural results only through polishing.
Various colors and geometries.
High strength and biocompatible for long term temporaries.

[ Colors ] 

[ Recommended  Indications ] 


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