Aidite in ESCD

On September 17-18, 2021, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Athens in beautiful Greece, Aidite represented Chinese dental companies to participate in the 18th ESCD Annual Conference Seminar. At the event site, the Cameo Intraoral Scanner, which demonstrated the most advanced dentist technology to the people, Dr. Kleanthis Manolakis Dr. Selim Pamuk Dr. Daniel Baketić Dr. Igor Ristic held the "Digital Challenge of Contemporary Dentistry" as the most attractive lecturer Research.Aidite's booth full of technological elements with white and blue as the main color at the seminar attracted a large number of participants.

As one of the world's largest and most authoritative organizations in the dental field, ESCD has been playing a great influence in the global dental field in terms of dental education and training, dental academic seminars, and dental product exhibitions.


The 2021 ESCD annual meeting provides a medical application experience and clinic management experience for the world's dental field, and builds a product display and technology exchange platform for the entire dental industry chain.

The first day of the seminar Four doctors gave advice and suggestions for the development of world dentistry in the seminar. On the second day of the seminar, aidite Cameo Intraoral Scanner appeared in people's sight.The digital dental clinic is the starting point for the digital development of the oral cavity. The intraoral scanner is an essential tool for dentists. The aidite Cameo Intraoral Scanner is the most convenient and efficient diagnosis and treatment tool for dentists. It will also provide patients with better quality service.


The highlight of this event is that Aidite provides participants with a free on-site experience. The dental model and oral scanner on the display cabinet have functions such as restoration, production, and beauty.

In addition, Aidite's flagship product 3D Pro zirconia repair material and Bioimc Stain/Glaze also received unanimous praise from the participants.



In this ESCD annual meeting, Aidite demonstrated the innovation and R&D capabilities of Chinese companies, and showed the world a good image of Chinese companies. In the future, Aidite will continue to provide suggestions for the development of world dentistry.


In the future, Aidite will continue to shine on the world stage on behalf of Made in China, integrating more and more Chinese wisdom into dental digital innovation, so that Made in China will go to the world and serve the world. Use technology to build a dental ecosystem. Making people healthier and more beautiful is always Aidite's mission.

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