Focus on Global Vision|ArtTech in CAPP webinar

CAPP's full name is Center for Advanced Professional Practice. It was established in Dubai, UAE in 2005,aim to provide excellent continuing medical education in dentistry. It is a supplier approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) C.E.R.P. It is also the largest international dental science conference organization in the Middle East.


Since its establishment in 2007, Aidite has been committed to showcasing its “Made in China” style on the world stage, and is constantly seeking a high-quality platform to communicate and learn from its peers around the world. The CAPP webinar has users covering more than 100 countries on five continents, making it the largest and most influential webinar in a year. Aidite and ArtTech lecturers demonstrated the quality of their products and services to the global audience at this seminar, and further enhanced their brand image and international influence.


The CAPP webinar is from November 5th to November 26th. It is divided into three items: Dental Technician Conference, 13th Dental Aesthetic Conference, and 16th CAD/CAM Digital Dental Conference, from AiditeArtTech Five lecturers from the association brought six exciting courses.


Mr. Chien-Ming, Kang, the product development consultant of Aidite, gave a speech on How to control surface treatment of multi-layer zirconia to make aesthetic restorations.

Aidite ArtTech lecturer and global digital dentistry expert Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian from Switzerland brought a course on the topic of past-present-future, and pointed out that digitalization is the development trend of the dental industry in the future.


Aidite ArtTech lecturer, founder of the Turkish Society of Aesthetic Dentistry, Prof Dr Selim Pamuk from Turkey explained from a clinical perspective that digitalization has brought a whole new dimension to aesthetic restoration compared to traiditeional ones.

Masanori Toda from Japan, lecturer of Aidite ArtTech, shared clinical cases and laboratory technology and single-piece ceramic crowns to non-prepared veneer cases to illustrate that digitalization will become the future development direction of the dental industry.


Aidite ArtTech lecturer, cosmetic dentistry and implantology expert Dr. Kleanthis Manolakis from Greece gave a presentation titled linking aesthetics and durability in contemporary restoration challenges with zirconia, focusing on repeatable and safe clinical concepts, using ceramic veneers The prosthesis supported by the zirconia frame and the full-profile zirconia implant achieves the best long-term results of the prosthesis, and provides up to 6 years of clinical follow-up results.

Aidite ArtTech lecturer and founder of the Twinsmile system, Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian, explained the Twinsmile method, which visually creates a new smile after treatment to improve patient satisfaction. The combination of Twinsmile and Aidite's new product EZneer provides new ideas for the digital solution of veneer teeth whitening.


In this CAPP webinar, as the highest-level platinum sponsor partner, Aidite has participated in six courses, with a total of 50,000 users, and truly achieved the Chinese brand's "breakthrough and cross-industry into the world".

In the future, Aidite will continue to give full play to the advantages of zirconium ceramic leaders, promote exchanges within the industry, and continue to shine on the world stage on behalf of Chinese dental companies.

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