Chinese oral power on the world stage! | Aidite X IDS International Dental Exhibition

The continuous rise of domestic dental brands overseas

It's the transformation from "system" to "quality" to "intelligence"

How to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry through digital innovation

Has become a topic of concern to the industry


IDS International Dental Show

The new digital products of the Aidite family

Will bring strong momentum to the development of the industry

Enhance the recognition and reputation of domestic brands

Let more and more domestic and foreign consumers trust domestic brands


September 22-25

Cologne International Exhibition Center-Hall 11.1 F030-G031

Aidite is waiting for you

Looking forward to talking with you about the digital future of oral cavity


Dental artist demo show

Aidite & IDS

During IDS International Dental Show

Three lecturers with more than 30 years of dental experience

Knowledge explanation and practical demonstration will be carried out at the Aidite booth


Improve skills and intensively learn dental technology

Learn from experience and communicate with the master

Make rapid progress in practice

Achieve a higher dimensional self



Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian


Global Senior Consultant


Santi Dalmau Bejarano Spain

Global Senior Lecturer


Zlatko Tomas Croatia

Key Account Manager of Aidite Germany Branch


“Simile plan” Public- Spirited Activity

Aidite & IDS


A smile is worth a thousand words

Aidite and our global distributors

Dental technicians and dentists work together

Provide free dental restoration services for those in need

Pass our love to the world



Get free gift on Aidite booth

Aidite & IDS


There are surprises in the exhibition, and there are good gifts to visit the exhibition

During the exhibition from September 22nd to 25th

Follow AIDITE Facebook

After passing the inspection by the on-site staff

Can get a gift

Dental technicians can also get a Glaze

New era, new situation, new mission

Aidite conforms to the development trend of the times

Focus on sharing cutting-edge dental technology

Forward-looking, professional, open

Provide a strong boost to the development of global dental digitalization

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