AEEDC Dubai Conference and Exhibition 2020

AEEDC Dubai Conference and Exhibition 2020!!

At Stand 2A13 # Aidite, many customers are watching the product, negotiating cooperation, and experiencing the use.

Adite's dental technicians demonstrate live professional courses on coloring, staining and glazing technology for customers, solve customer's questions, and successfully deliver 3D pro \ Hollywood White \ clinical equipment and other product services to customers.

Discuss clinical development trends in the Middle East market with customers, and win new cooperation orders!

Aidite met a lot of lovely friends and partners, and established a great cooperation and connection.

3D pro's natural transparency and high strength have been praised and recognized internationally Customer-centric and customer-oriented Help customers to be honest, grow and succeed.

It is Aidite's dream of struggle.See you next year! friends!#AEEDC #Aidite #3D pro #LAB #Dubai #20

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