Aidite 2019 Global Distributor Conference

From September 5-7, 2019, nearly 40 dealers came from 23 countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Australia, the United States, Chile, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, and South Africa to gather at Aidite Qinhuangdao The Dental Technology Center at the headquarters jointly participated in the 3rd Overseas Distributor Conference (2019 Global Distributor Conference) with the theme of "customer-centric and co-construction of dental ecosystems".

List of highlights of this conference:

1. Li Hongwen, CEO of Aidi Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on global development strategy

2. Strategic partner Tosoh delivered a keynote speech on zirconia material technology and market advantages on behalf of Mr. Kawakami

3. 2019 overseas dealer support policy promulgated

4. Outstanding Distributor Award Ceremony

5. Master Global Tour Start

Throughout the conference, English was used as the communication language, and it was committed to fully sharing Aidite's global development strategy, outputting high-precision and high-demand new products and solutions, and working with international distributors to explore future growth paths and share a better future.

Today, Edith has reached an important historic point. Aidete products bring to people of different skin colors, languages, nationalities, and countries. Feelings, trust, change and love will all be powerful witnesses to beauty and the future.

  "Dental love, health inspiration, beauty and uniqueness" This will be the extraordinary excitement that Aidit brings to the world!

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