Aidite assumes responsibility for refreshing international vision of Chinese dental science and tech

Serbian Cosmetic Dental Association (UESS) is the first professional dental association in Serbia and one of the most influential associations in the international market. UESS is a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and skills, dental education and cutting-edge technology. It is also the best platform to promote international dental exchange and cooperation, because it gathers global cutting-edge technology and top-level cooperation resources.

3D Pro Zir stunning UESS

During this trip, Aidite will use 3D Pro Zir, a masterpiece of Chinese dental technology, to express its great love for the international dental industry, and take on the responsibility of refreshing the international perspective; meanwhile, Mr. Liu Feng from Peking University Stomatological Hospital will also He made an important speech to prove the high applicability of 3D Pro Zir series products in clinical general practice, unique digital genes, and the changes brought to general practice.

Professor Liu Feng's speech entitled "natural or beyond natural" introduced Chinese culture and demonstrated the development level of oral technology in China. In addition, many clinical cases were cited in the speech to show the high aesthetics of colorful zirconia. Repair effect. During the speech, Mr. Liu Feng specifically pointed out that only by combining colorful products can the strong aesthetic restoration be made.

During the banquet, Ms. Gao and Liu Feng, deputy general managers of Aidite, had an in-depth conversation with Dr aleksa. During the conversation, Dr aleksa expressed admiration for the development of Chinese stomatology technology and highly praised 3D Pro Zir's high-precision technology and digital genes. After dinner, take a group photo with Dr aleksa.

Serbian dental services are rich in resources and there is a large market demand for digital dental restoration materials. I believe Aidite's products and technologies can meet this demand. During the meeting, Aidite gained more cooperation intentions from partners and some masters participating in the conference.

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