Aidite Launches Biomic Gum Stain to Reshape Gingival Aesthetic Effect

The pursuit of the aesthetic effect of bionic teeth by consumers has once again launched a huge challenge to the dental laboratory, prompting them to explore new solutions with efforts. Aidite has been at the forefront of the dental restoration materials industry with its 3D Pro Zir, a natural monolithic zirconia restoration material having been achieved the ultimate in strength, natural transition, and bionics. It inspires Aidite to devoted more energy to the study of the natural aesthetic effect of the gingiva.

In April, a dental webinar launched by Aidite was to release a new product, named Biomic Gum, to reshape the gingival aesthetic effect for dental technicians. Biomic Gum kit is specially designed for gingival dyeing and aesthetics, including six colors of pink with different depths to meet the particular requirements of gingival dyeing and completely restores the natural color and vein color of the gingiva. Moreover, the ceramic powder was mixed with the paste to create a high strength after sintering, which improves the anti-wear performance while in clinical use.

The dental webinar was broadcast live on Facebook, attracting more than 2600 people from more than 30 countries. Ten famous lecturers from Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, the United States, Romania, Japan, Taiwan, China, and other countries and regions were invited to the dental webinar to bring the experience after the first test of the Aidite Biomic Gum kit. Kang Jianming from Taiwan, China, following them made a wonderful sharing on the use and characteristics of Bionic Gum paste.

Alberto Santini, the owner of Dental Technical Laboratory in Italy, highly praised the products of Aidite. He commented that 80% of jobs they do in their laboratory are monolithic zirconia works, and they use Aidite 3D Pro Zir, which he thinks is a zirconia material with high aesthetic effect, and Bionic Stain / Glaze to enhance the aesthetic effect of bionic teeth. “They allow me to imitate the effect of natural teeth accurately, and Adith's Biomic Gum kit allows me to present the gingival effect in a short time easily. I recommend this product to my colleagues because it adds a great value for facilitating the construction of bionic teeth.” Alberto Santini said at the conference.

Bionic Gum stain can satisfy the dyeing of all kinds of ceramic restorations, such as zirconia, glass-ceramic, ceramic, etc., without the need to find suitable gingival stains for different materials. It contributes to its most significant advantages to fight for the best solution for all-ceramic restorations. Gabi Ticulescu, the chief of Dental Technician of 3DSmartdent Milling & Printing Center in Romania, showed his passion to supports this feature. He stated at the dental webinar that Biomic Gum with perfect dying and colors brings excellent effect and great convenience to his dyeing work, especially it can be applied to different types of ceramic restoration.

In addition, Biomic Gum stain is such a universal mixing paste that can be mixed with all kinds of pastes in the kit and different brands of pastes without restriction, thus dramatically reducing the cost of use and providing dental technicians with an excellent imagination for the aesthetic effect of the gingiva.

Vanik Kaufmann Jinoian from Switzerland was impressed by the easy-to-use properties when he first used Biomic Gum. He said, “It looks very beautiful, easy to learn and I have been applied it for many months. “

Different numbers of pastes correspond to different dyeing parts, which can quickly create a natural and realistic gingival effect and vessel effect. It has become one of the most recommended gingival aesthetic solutions in many foreign dental laboratories.

Masanori Toda from Japan highly recommended that “My favorite part is its temperature. It is not so high that I can easily create the natural gingival effect. It is worth trying it!”

Biomic Gum stain is not only to cater to consumers' pursuit of the aesthetic effect of bionic teeth but also a revolutionary change in the dental industry, helping dental technicians to be handier in creating natural bionic teeth. In the future, Aidite will forge ahead to meet the needs of customers and bring more surprise solutions for dental technicians.