Aidite Launches New Biomic Stain Through Facebook Global Live

On June 22, 2020 at 8:00 pm Beijing time, Aidite welcomes you to participate in the live broadcast conference on Facebook. During the event, the newly developed products — Biomic Stain  will be revealed. Mr. Chien Ming Kang, the world-famous dental expert and the chief scientific researcher of Biomic, will attend the presentation.

The new Biomic stain is what we will launch, which is specially developed to remove the dullness effect of the dental color caused by CAD/CAM all-ceramic restoration. It enables external dental dye technicians to dye in a short time easily, being modeled on a prosthesis with the clinical natural tooth aesthetic effect.

Biomic Stain/Glaze

Biomic Stain has the basic set and the aesthetic set, both of which contain 2D stain, 3D stain, coloring liquid, glaze brush, and shade matcher. The difference is that the aesthetic one has more different colorants.

2D stain: the viscosity of 2D stain is moderate. It can be evenly applied to any ceramic restoration surface, which is not easy to collapse and flow, making the product experience more ideal.

3D stain: the 3D stain has high plasticity and can be used to adjust the tooth shape or increase the contact point.

Coloring liquid: the coloring liquid 1 is used for all 2D stain to dilute. Coloring liquid 2 is used to adjust the 3D stain's viscosity without affecting the operating characteristics of the 3D stain.

Why choose Biomic Stain/Glaze?

Biomic glaze is a kind of low-temperature paste at 730℃ with solid color. One of the advantages of the new Biomic glaze is its high viscosity, which is not easy to collapse. Except for that, it has more amazing benefits.

l Suitable for Various Dyes

Biomic Stain is ideal for all types of ceramic restorations, such as zirconia, glass ceramics, and porcelain. Specific dyes preparation based on different materials is not required. And one glaze can meet the needs of all external stains.

l Easy to Operate

The color structure of Biomic Glaze is reasonable and intuitive. With Aidite's perfect training system, technicians can quickly master the technology and create an ideal aesthetic effect by painting.

l Three-dimensional Design

The color of the 2D stain of Biomic glaze completely imitates the natural tooth color. Given that the Biomic stain has high permeability and fluorescence, and the 3D stain can also fully adjust the tooth surface morphology, the effect after the painting is similar to the porcelain effect.

l Shape Adjustment

Because 3D paste contains ceramic powder, it will increase a little thickness after sintering, which can be used to increase the occlusal contact area and adjacent surface.

l Flexible Matching

As the 2D and 3D stains of Biomic glaze can be mixed, the technicians can maximize the aesthetic effect by combining them. Of course, 2D and 3D colors paste can be used alone according to the situation and preferences.

l Gloss brightness

3D paste has the function of brightening. It can achieve the increasing of gloss brightness quickly and easily.

Aidite is one of the leading enterprises specialized in developing and manufacturing dental zirconia ceramics and related consumables, dental equipment, and accessories. Depending on professional technology and services, we are committed to providing customers with expert technical support and efficient after-sales service.

We will insist on helping customers to improve their profitability and jointly create an excellent dental ecological environment. If you are interested in being a dental dye technician, welcome to our Facebook Global Live On June 22, 2020, at 8:00 pm (Beijing time).

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