Aidite Launches New Dental Digital Scanner to Promote Digital Dentistry

On March 23, 2021, a new product launch was held by Aidite at the Northeast International Dental Exhibition to launch a new digital dental solution - Cameo dental digital scanner. Cameo dental digital scanner developed with cutting-edge technology is designed to bring efficient and accurate orthodontic treatment schemes to dentists and improve the quality experience of patients.

Digital dentistry has found its foothold in this competitive field with the continuous development of information technology. Because of the overwhelming advantages, it brings to the dental industry, such as improving efficiency and accuracy, digital dentistry is widely respected by dental laboratories and dentists. Aided by the Internet technology, the dental webinar helped promote the further development of dental digitalization during the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. Digital dental radiography is the use of optical face scanners to help dentists produce a clear dental impression. CAD/CAM solutions and 3D printing enable dental laboratories to design and manufacture dental prostheses more effectively. These digital dental solutions contribute to more personalized solutions for patients by providing high-definition and accurate dental impressions to dentists.

Digital dentistry refers to the use of dental technology or computer-based equipment in comparison with traditional dental media using mechanical or electrical procedures. Aidite is a high-tech enterprise specializing in dental restorative materials research and development, committed to providing oral diagnosis and treatment services as well as comprehensive technical solutions. After seeing the overwhelming advantages of digital dentistry to the dental industry, Aifdite focuses on the R&D of digital dental technology for more efficient and cutting-edge digital dental solutions. After the launch of digital dental solutions such as zirconia restoration material - 3D Pro zir, AMD-500 dental milling machine, A-IS Pro digital scanner, etc., which are highly concerned by colleagues in the industry, Aidite again makes great efforts to take digital dentistry to a higher level by launching Cameo dental digital scanner.

Cameo dental digital scanner fully caters to the characteristics of digital dentistry - high precision, efficiency, compatibility, and cost performance, which attracted the attention of a large number of participants as soon as launched on the event.

High Precision

Cameo dental digital scanner is shaped like a magic wand, and the camera is placed on the head to enlarge the captured image on the computer screen in real-time. Used the latest dual camera optical triangulation scanning technology, Aidite’s dental digital imaging system ensures the fluency of scanning and the accurate presentation of data details. The accuracy can reach 5.3 ± 0.34 μ m to assist dentists in achieving high-precision calibration in dental restoration. More than that, the patient even can clearly see what the dentist is doing or where he is pointing at on the computer screen.

High Efficiency

Advanced algorithms are applied in Aidite’s dental digital imaging system to achieve high-speed scanning and imaging of the oral cavity. The imaging time by Aidite dental digital scanner for a quarter of the oral cavity reduce to 1-2 minutes; the whole oral cavity only takes 4-6 minutes to deliver high-definition images, which ensures a more smooth clinical scanning experience for dentists.

High Compatibility

The dental digital scanner supports integrated cloud storage and open data architecture, which means that scanning data can be synchronized and integrated with major systems in the market, such as Ortho Simulation, Smile Design, Crown Fit, and Compare. It exerts significant influence on improving the automation efficiency of digital diagnosis and treatment for dentists.


Considering the comfort of Children in treatment, Aidite designed the scanning head in the size of a candy cube (19 * 15.2mm). The micro ultra-thin scanning head effectively reduces the requirement for the degree of mouth opening for patients. Meanwhile, the weight of this dental digital scanner is only 280g, which will not add to the burden of dentists even if the long-term work.

Digital dentistry has become the mainstream of modern development. CAD / CAM solutions, which are used in dental manufacturing and dental laboratory, have become the majority, helping dentists obtain more accurate dental impressions and provide efficient solutions. With the help of information technology, tooth scanning and preparation will become more and more easy and fast.

If you have more valuable information about digital dentistry to share with us, we welcome this precious opportunity.

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