Aidite Promotes the Digital Process of Dental Restoration Materials

The innovation and development of technology are changing the dental industry, driving it to develop in the direction of digitization and intelligence. The application of CAD / CAM, which plays a critical role in the digital process of the dental laboratory, has brought new innovations and solutions. Meanwhile, as patients are increasingly demanding on the quality of treatment and dental restoration, every dentist needs to upgrade their practice by adopting new digital dentistry. In this case, advanced tools and equipment are needed to enrich your dental laboratory, and dentists have the necessary to attend various well-known dental seminars to explore more creative technology with other experts from all over the world.

As one of the world-renowned dental solutions providers of the dental restoration material and equipment, Aidite focuses on the research and development of zirconia materials, integrates the upstream and downstream of the dental industry chain, and develops new products around restoration materials. At the same time, Aidite is also committed to participating in dental seminars and working with dental experts worldwide to promote the digital process of dental restoration materials.

The third annual dental seminar of the elderly stomatology held by the Henan Stomatological Association has come to an end. This annual dental seminar aims to promote the exchange and development of elderly oral related disciplines and the cognition of elderly oral diseases. Aidite attended the seminar with the original intention that focuses on the needs of patients of all ages for dental restoration materials and support the development of Stomatology.

As the sponsor of the banquet, Aidite stated that we are committed to applying excellent domestic equipment and materials to clinical practice so as to make Chinese products go to the world. Aidite expects to work together with other dental experts to promote the digital process of dental restoration materials.

Meanwhile, the Tour Lecture of Guidelines and Progress for Journal of Chinese Medical Association & Chinese Journal of Stomatology also brought creative thoughts for Aidite. With the theme of "digital stomatology" and "periodontal and orthodontics", the tour lecture invited well-known experts from various professional fields of stomatology to discuss the new opportunities of digital stomatology. Aidite has been committed to developing digital dentistry and shared the achievements in solving the problem of zirconia veneer bonding in the conference.

The problem of zirconia veneer falling off has always been a problem for dental restorations with zirconia as the main material. Biomic LiSi Connect is considered a special solution for zirconia veneer bonding after numerous experiments by the R & D team of Aidite.

When spraying a layer of LiSi Connect on zirconia material's surface, the LiSi Connect will crystallize to form a lithium disilicate coating completing the surface modification of zirconia. The lithium disilicate on the surface has the same viscosity as glass-ceramic and is too hard to be damaged. Because of the Biomic LiSi Connect, the veneer made of zirconia material is able to meet the aesthetic requirements and be the first choice of doctors and patients.

It is foreseeable that dentistry will develop towards automation and digitization so as to meet the personalized needs of a high level of dentists and patients. And Aidite will also adapt to the changing needs of the industry, using the latest technology and software to provide efficient and high-quality results for dental laboratory.

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