Aidite Shines in South China International Dental Expo with Star Products

On September 16, 2020, Adite took part in the 4-day 2020 South China International Dental Expo held in China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex with its star products. At the event, the displayed Adite 3D Pro zirconia restoration material, Biomic Stain/Glaze, Biomic LiSi Connect, and the booth full of technology elements with white and blue as the main color attracted a large number of participants.

Due to the global outbreak of the epidemic, all the exhibitions in the first half of 2020 have been delayed or canceled. As the negative impact of the epidemic has dissipated, the opening of the 2020 South China International Dental Expo is undoubtedly the common expectation of all dental colleagues.

South China International Dental Expo is recognized as a large-scale, effective and service-oriented dental event in China, attracting 850 + exhibitors and holding 160 + seminars. It has brought new medical products and technology to visitors, shared advanced medical application experience and clinic management experience, and built a product exhibition and technology exchange platform throughout the dental industry chain. The successful opening of the 2020 South China International Dental Expo provides a broad stage for exhibitors to explore overseas markets, find dentists and dealers, and learn about new technologies.

In order to let participants feel the charm of the digital oral cavity, Aidite took blue and white as its main color of the booth, and the blue LED light is particularly eye-catching. The well-designed booth of Aidite is divided into a rest area, cutting equipment area, Dental Restoration Material area, Cameo Digital Chairside Solutions area, and caries-free plan area, aiming to provide more effective communication services for participants.

On the first day of the exhibition, Aidite's wonderful booth welcomed Wang Xing, honorary president of the Chinese Stomatological Association who expressed sincere praise to Aidite after listening to the introduction from Aidite guide.

Aidite has been committed to the research of dental solution and the 3D Pro zirconia restoration material, Bioimc Stain/Glaze, and Bioimc LiSi Connect displayed on the expo caught people’s eyes and affirmed the effort Aidite makes.

Biomic LiSi Connect as a new product launched by Aidite is a favorite among all the displayed products at the event aiming to solve the bonding problem of zirconia and make the veneer more bionic by modifying the surface of zirconia. In recent years, with the development of aesthetic restoration, although zirconia restoration materials are favored by patients and doctors because of their excellent mechanical strength and good biocompatibility, the incidence of poor retention of zirconia restoration materials is the highest among all ceramic materials, especially zirconia veneer.

Aidite Biomic LiSi Connect combines closely with zirconia through lithium disilicate coating, which significantly improves the bonding strength of zirconia and maintain reliable adhesion for a long time. Moreover, Aidite Biomic LiSi Connect is compatible with all zirconia materials. Because of the existence of Biomic LiSi Connect, zirconia veneer will meet the aesthetic requirements of doctors and patients for bionic veneer.

3D Pro zirconia restoration material is the "star product" in the minds of participants. As the leader of the high-end dental restoration material, Aidite has invested 300% energy, patience and care to present the best 3D pro to everyone. From the source of color comparison, Aidite launched the 3D Pro shade guide, making 3D Pro zirconia restoration material truly meets the clinical needs of accurate color matching.

Besides, Bioimc Stain/Glaze also received good feedback from participants at the South China International Dental Expo. Aidite Bioimc Stain/Glaze enables dentists to produce restorations with clinical natural tooth aesthetic effect by dying and coloring in the simplest and quickest way.

What the exciting part of the event is that Aidite provided a free on-site experience for participants. The dental model and oral scanning machine on the display cabinet have the functions of restoration, production and beauty. The moment the participants put on the dental mold is a perfect and comfortable experience in terms of repair time, process experience, and restoration effect.

In order to let the participants more directly feel the charm of Aidite products and the professionalism of the services, at the scene of the South China International Dental Exhibition, Aidite also arranged the practical experience of Cameo laser treatment and dyeing teaching. Participants can gain an excellent experience by starting from practice.

In recent years, Cameo's invisible orthodontic treatment is still hot, and people still have the highest expectation for the teeth to become beautiful and shine with a bright smile.

Only with deep passion can we have deep discovery. The development of digital dentistry is irreversible and will only continue to go up along a steep slope. Aidite will invest more time and experience, meet more new opportunities, burst out new inspiration, and provide the best solution for the dental industry.

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