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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

According to UN survey data, there are currently nearly 60 million vulnerable groups in the world, and most of them are suffering from dental diseases. Since Aidite was established in 2007, it has always been our mission to let everyone have a good tooth and make people healthier and more beautiful. We have also been committed to showing the world our sense of social responsibility as a Chinese company.


In 2019, Aidite partnered with the Ukrainian company Kirilluk-Dental to provide free treatment for the little boy. Let this boy who suffered from dental disease at birth have a normal smile.

Name:Mikhaylenko Stanislav Romanovich

Date of birth:February 28, 2001


Anamnesis of life: born with left-side cleft of the upper lip, alveolar process, hard and soft palate.

Transferred operations: surgical plastic upper lip (2001), surgical plastic soft palate(2005), surgical closure of the hard palate defect wiwth mucous flaps (2006) Orthodontic status when referring to an orthodontist:

External examination: face asymmetry, concave upper lip, cicatricial changes of the upper lip to, deformation of the wing and flattening of the nose. During smiling patient does not show his teethe.

Functional disorders: reduced chewing function, increased body mass index, closed rhinolalia, lower tongue position. Patient Complaints does not complain about facial pain.Objectively: the chewing and facial muscles and neck muscles, the TMJ area and the articular space, the lateral poles of condyles are painless during palpation. Opening the mouth is 40 mm free without clicks and deviations.

Morphological condition: cicatricial changes of the mucous membrane of the alveolar process of the upper jaw and palate. Class III, cross bite. Reverse over bite 7 mm, reverse over jet 2 mm. Primary adentia of tooth 2.2, secondary adentia tooth 3.6, complete retention of tooth 2.3. Residual jaw growth.


Orthodontic treatment: alignment of teeth and dental arches within dentoalveolar compensation, retraction of tooth 2.3. A bilateral maxillary surgery is recommended.

Unfortunately, the patient is contraindicated for orthognathic surgery because general somatic reasons.

Condition after orthodontic treatment: aligned dental arches, but the ratio is still progenic, the reverse incisal overlap, the chin standing forward, the decrease in the interalveolar height. Jaw growth stopped.

Alterative compromise treatment option due to the impossibility of surgical correction: aesthetic prosthetics with bite verticalization.

 Orthodontic treatment

 Rehabilitation planning with removable constructions

Removable constructions materials PMMA

Before preparation

Functional analysis

Minimal tooth preparation

Planning constructions

Aidite Multilayer 3D PRO


Final work

Picture after correction

 he has a confident smile


Thanks for Ukraine: Dr.Makarova Oleksandra, Popovich Ivan

Dental laboratory «Miks-lab» ,Semenyaka Ivan

Kirilluk Dental Company ,Igor Kirilyuk-Rudoy


In 2021, as a dental professional, Aidite hopes to spread our love to the world again. herefore, Aidite works hand in hand with our global distributors, dental technicians and dentists to lunch a "smlie plan" charity event to help vulnerable groups in need around the world perform free dental restorations.


Please follow the steps below to complete the registration:

l Contact your local distributor to obtain an entry form. (Made by Aidite)

l Complete the registration form and send it  

l Get free 3D Pro Zirconia and free Biomic trial kit from distributor.

l Contact the camera team designated by Aidite to complete the case recording.

l Return your presentation to:  


Looking forward to changing the world with Aidite and making people healthier and more beautiful!

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