Chinese dental light∣Aidite unveils stunning 3D Pro Zir on ESCD

On September 19-21, 2019, Aidite and the team of Professor Liu Feng from Peking University Stomatological Hospital went to St. Petersburg, Russia ’s second largest city, the first stop of Aidite ’s European tour, to participate in the 16th session of ESCD held at the Klinhia Hotel European Annual Meeting of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Aidite is by far the first Chinese dental service brand to appear at the ESCD European Aesthetic Dental Conference

This trip to Europe by Aidite is a sincere technical exchange. It will learn from nearly 40 top lecturers from all over the world and discuss how to provide patients with the highest quality oral aesthetic treatment services and future trends in oral medicine. Bring a bionic aesthetic feast to European oral colleagues with "3D Pro Zir".

Chairman of ESCD European Society of Aesthetic Dentistry at the 3D Pro Zir booth

In-depth conversation with Ms. Gao, Deputy General Manager of Aidite

Explore the clinical application of 3D Pro Zir

In the communication with the top lecturers, the masters have asked 3D Pro Zir and asked very specific questions from their respective focuses. Teachers Liu Feng and Ms. Gao, Deputy General Manager, all answered accurately and responded one by one. In view of the high recognition of Aidite's technology research and development standards, the masters expressed their willingness to cooperate with them in depth in technology research and development.

Aidite-3D Pro Zir and 3D Zir series products have achieved good results in European and African markets, and have established in-depth cooperation with several European dental technology companies.

At this ESCD, Aidite has established cooperation intentions with more than 20 dental technology companies.

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