Dental Webinar: Zirconia Restorative Dental Material

During the outbreak of COVID-19, many offline gathering activities have been forced to stop promoting the rise of the webinar. Dental webinars, in particular, are attracting more and more attention during this period. Facing the sundry topics of dental webinars, which one is technicians in dental clinics or dental factories worth paying attention to? In view of people suffer from various tooth problems as the result of deficiencies of nature or unhealthy dental habits, more attention is focused on the teeth.

In biomedical materials, the ceramic implant is the most widely used denture restoration technology in the oral clinic, which can restore the standard shape and function of teeth. Because teeth play such a significant role in chewing things, pronunciation, and personal appearance, denture manufacturing materials are always the topic of discussion.

If you know how to choose the right materials, it will significantly influence cost decreasing and profits maximization.

What is a denture?

Before you know why restorative dental material is a hot topic, you need to know what dentures are. The fact is that denture is the so-called false teeth. In medicine, the denture is the general term of the prosthesis made after partial or complete missing of upper and lower teeth.

The denture can replace and achieve the full function of the real teeth; thus, it is the most basic demand of consumers to require denture to show the same shape, color, luster, and hardness of natural teeth. The mechanical properties of zirconia materials, such as strength and toughness, are superior to other stuff, which is the focus of restorative dental materials.

What is zirconia material?

Zirconia material is a kind of biological ceramic material with ZrO2 as the main component. What distinguishes it from other materials is that zirconia material has excellent mechanical properties, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, and does not interfere with imaging examination. It is the most widely used and the best denture material.

Why is zirconia restorative material the best for a denture?

The traditional restorative dental materials are metal. Although metal materials have high mechanical strength but with weak aesthetic effect and chemical stability.

Nowadays, with the development of economy and culture, restorative dental materials not only need to meet the basic physical and chemical conditions and biocompatibility conditions but also put forward requirements for convenience, aesthetics, and other humanistic conditions.

The properties of zirconia ceramic are closer to those of natural teeth, especially enamel. The inorganic components of enamel are closer to ceramics. Besides, zirconia ceramic restorative material has a good stability of oxidation degree and excellent biocompatibility. It is almost non-degradable and does not react with other tissues in the oral cavity.

As the primary restorative dental material, zirconia ceramic has similar light transmittance with natural teeth, and its color gradient effect makes it closer to the state of natural teeth. Metal materials due to casting structure, cracks, metal oxide residue, and other problems lead to metal corrosion, resulting in reduced transmittance of restoration, oral diseases, etc. However, zirconia material can avoid the above issues and bring excellent aesthetic effect.

In a word, zirconia material has become one of the most promising restorative dental materials because of its biocompatibility, aesthetics, and stability.

If you are considering zirconia material, you can refer to our 3D Pro Zir series. Our 3D Pro Zir is another revolution in dental materials achieving natural gradients of denture’s color, transparency, and intensity. From the aesthetic point of view, its abrasion characteristics make to a dental material with biomimetic properties. With cervical strength as high as 1050MPa, the stability of the long-span bridge is greatly improved by 3D Pro Zir is greatly enhanced. Furthermore, 3D Pro Zir matches natural teeth' color transition from the cervix to the incisor with a smooth color gradient and no visible layers.

Aidite is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D of dental material and comprehensive dental technical solutions. On July 21, 2020, we will hold a dental webinar about Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique (BOPT). BOPT can always achieve perfect tissue health, and achieve the perfect harmony of gingival structure many times when required. Mauro Bazzoli, the master of BOPT, will be our guest lecturer. He was a professor of implant and prosthetics at the University of California from 2008 to 2012 and is the author of many articles in the field of implant and prosthetics.

We sincerely welcome you to attend:

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