Aidite at IDS in Cologne

March 12-16, 2019

The 38th Cologne International Dental Show (IDS)

It is the eyes of the world's oral cavity, focusing on the recent days of Aidite.

Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian, a global digital dental expert, once said: "3D Pro Gorgeous is not another zirconia in many colors, but today it is the only zirconia in my studio."

At the booth of the Aidete booth, Master Vanik also recommended ‘3D Pro Gorgeous’ to more oral friends, so that the world ’s oral cavity can feel the uniqueness of this revolutionary product.

In the new release of Speakers Corner, Master Vanik, as the first users of the brilliant 3D Pro, shared his personal practical experience and new aesthetic cognition concept, and gained excellent knowledge of material characteristics, and shared it with oral professionals around the world to create new The denture aesthetics of the era.

The order quantity of 50,000Pcs in 103 countries and regions in the world,

With a global market share of 22% of the graded ceramic blocks, Aidi is the leader in the digital era of zirconia!

This is the Aidi and 3D Pro brilliant colors,

Presenting you my future in IDS;

Gorgeous oral cavity, Gorgeous China, Gorgeous world!

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