How Aidite Zirconia Restoration Material Redefine the Esthetics of Bionic Teeth

In the past, the biologically inert ceramic materials used for oral hard tissue repair were mainly represented by alumina ceramics. Compared with metal inorganic materials and polymer materials, this type of ceramic material has a greater hardness, resistance to deformation, wear resistance, stable chemical properties,excellent aesthetic effect, and good biological description. However, the brittleness of ceramic materials always limits their application in oral clinical medicine.

In recent years, with the development of materials science and dental clinical medicine, in the clinical selection and application of dental materials, people have gradually discovered that certain properties of zirconia materials can improve ceramic materials' brittleness to a certain extent and can further increase repair Body aesthetic effect. Therefore, zirconia material is expected to become a dental restoration material with good application and development prospects in oral hard tissue repair.

However, zirconia materials also have disadvantages. Compared with composite ceramics and metals, zirconia material is a new type of material for dental crowns. Zirconia material has limited translucency. Zirconia material is not as transparent as porcelain or lithium disilicate, so bionic teeth made of zirconia do not look natural as bionic teeth made of other materials. Therefore, the function of zirconia restoration material is essential. Zirconia restoration material makes every bionic tooth real.

Regarding the zirconia restoration, we have to mention Aidite zirconia restoration here. Whether applied to zirconia, lithium disilicate, or glass-ceramic restorations, Aidite Biomic Stain/Glaze can achieve a wonderful and natural effect. The Biomic Stain/Glaze series products are divided into two sets to meet different customers' needs, namely the Biomic basic set and the Biomic aesthetic set.

Biomic basic set

Biomic basic set is combined with the most commonly used paste products. This Aidite zirconia restoration set can already meet the basic requirements for vitro dyeing of all-ceramic restorations.

Biomic aesthetic set

Biomic aesthetic set contains all the entire series of paste products. This Aidite zirconia restoration set can be used to complete higher-level external dyeing processing and obtain an ideal aesthetic experience.

Aidite Biomic Stain/Glaze is suitable for external staining of any ceramic restorations. It is a true 730℃ low-temperature paste. Aidite zirconia restoration does not need to be toned, and its color is highly stable. Besides, Aidite Biomic Stain/Glaze has a high viscosity and is not easy to collapse, helping bionic teeth become more natural. Aidite zirconia restoration materials redefine the aesthetics of bionic teeth. Aidite zirconia restoration can help teeth become more natural. Aidite Biomic Stain/Glaze has incomparable advantages in repairing bionic teeth:

All in one

Aidite Biomic Stain/Glaze is suitable for all types of ceramic restorations such as zirconia, glass ceramics, and porcelain. Aidite zirconia restoration is no longer necessary to prepare various dyes for restorations of different materials. One set of Aidite Biomic Stain/Glaze can meet all the requirements.

Simple to use

The coloration pastes of the Biomic Stain/Glaze are simple and user friendly. Technicians can utilize the simple system to achieve ideal aesthetic results with the recommended schematics from Aidite.

Bionic aesthetics

The composition of 2D paste color in Biomic Stain/Glaze completely mimics natural teeth' colors, and the 3D paste combination then creates excellent aesthetic effects. Simultaneously, 3D pastes can adjust the tooth surface morphology and slight contour distinctions, which can help bionic teeth look more natural.

As a professional dental consumables supplier with rich experience, Aidite offers a wide selection of dental consumable products such as Biomic Stain/Glaze set, dental coloring liquid, dental milling burs, dental polishing tools, dental magnifying glasses, dental firing paste, and so on.

Aidite has focused on the research and development of zirconia material since 2007. We can mass production and have quickly taken over the market for dental zirconia materials by our superior quality. With strict quality control, our products successively passed the CE, ISO 13485, the FDA, Korea KFDA, Singapore HSA, Japan PMDA, Taiwan TFDA, and other authoritative certifications.

Our products are dedicated to making bionic teeth more natural and closer to real teeth. After unremitting research, Aidite zirconia restoration material has achieved great success, redefining bionic teeth' aesthetics.

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