The Importance of Staining and Glazing Dental Ceramic Restoration

The Importance of Staining and Glazing Dental Ceramic Restoration

Dental ceramic restoration is widely used in dentistry to restore the tooth structure that has been lost due to disease, trauma, or any injury. In restorative dentistry, several materials are used to restore teeth, such as metallic alloys, amalgam, composite resin, glass ionomers, and ceramic that mimics the natural teeth and restores the teeth functioning and aesthetics. 

Restoration of teeth with ceramic material is now gaining popularity and is becoming a desirable option when it comes to restoration. Dental restorations of ceramic material are non-metallic in nature, that can be used as indirect fillings and crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers. Dental ceramics are a choice of material as it can produce high aesthetics, bio-compatible, and strong enough to bear the wear forces. 


For the ceramic dental restorations to provide services for a long duration, surface staining and glazing is crucial. Staining and glazing is usually the last step in during the processing of restoration in the lab. In addition to the longevity of the dental ceramic restorations, this process produces an aesthetically pleasing restorative product. Staining provides the restorations a natural tint, to co-relate and give a harmonious effect with the surrounding teeth. Glazing on the other hand produces a smooth and glossy texture to the dental ceramic restoration. Achieving a smooth surface is essential because if the surface of dental ceramic restoration is left rough and abrasive, more chances are that the oral bacteria and plaque can adhere to this surface. And it will be hard for the patients to clean and manage the unsmooth surfaces hence, depreciating the integrity, aesthetics, and strength of the dental ceramic restoration. 

To achieve the best possible results of staining and glazing, it is of utmost importance to use reliable and market value glazing and stain pastes. We at Adite aim to produce 2D and 3D Biomic Stain / Glaze pastes to give a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the dental ceramic restorations. Biomic Stain / Glaze is the fastest and simplest solution for technician to stain and glaze dental ceramics because of the prepared color matching, high color stability and high viscosity. Furthermore, a perfect effect of real teeth can be achieved only by the use of brushing.

Our 2D and 3D Biomic Stain / Glaze paste is suitable for all types of ceramic restorations such as zirconia, glass ceramic, porcelain, etc. The 2D paste is used to give a natural color to the dental restoration and the 3D paste is then used to adjust and fix the tooth surface morphology, and contours. Along with it we provide recommended schematics that are user friendly and easy to use. 

Aidite deals in a variety of superior quality and reliable dental products and materials that eventually improves and upgrades the dental ceramic restoration and their treatment procedures to a high level. Our dental products improve the outcome and productivity of the dental practice. We provide glaze and stains for dental ceramics in a variety of shades that are suitable for a variety of cases, dental clinics, and your practice. Besides, we make sure to provide services and dental products that make people healthier and beautiful using modern and advanced technologies and products that eventually improve the future of digital dentistry to a whole new paradigm. 

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