The influence of the thickness of the porcelain material on the final color development of the glass ceramic veneer:

1. Veneer thickness:

In the study of the veneer effect, the general thickness range of porcelain samples: 0.5-1.0mm,

The general thickness range of glass ceramic veneers in clinical: 0.3-1.0mm.

2. Overlay shading:

Porcelain material thickness> 2.0mm, the final color of the restoration will not be affected by the color of the bottom layer;

1.0mm <porcelain material thickness <1.5mm, the effect of the base color on the color of the restoration can be observed by the eye;

Porcelain material thickness ≤0.5mm, the base color of the abutment is the main factor affecting the final effect of the color of the porcelain veneer restoration.

3. Matters needing attention:

The thickness of porcelain veneers in clinical practice is limited by the amount of tooth preparation, and it is required to be controlled within enamel as much as possible to ensure the long-term clinical effect of bonding.

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