Two kinds of dyeing methods influence on physicochemical properties of zirconia ceramics

At present, there are two main dyeing methods for dental zirconia materials. One is the immersion dyeing method, that is, the pre-sintered ceramic block is immersed in a specific dyeing liquid, and then the color is performed after the final sintering. Another method is adding colorants to the zirconia powder, such as rare earth oxides and transition metal oxides, shows the final color after milling and sintering.

There are some differences between the research of immersion dyeing and pre-formed dyeing on the presentation of different colors, but they are all within the clinically acceptable range. Both immersion dyeing and pre-formed dyeing can realize the color of zirconia ceramics. The ceramic blocks dyed by the two methods are uniform in color and dense in structure. The immersion and pre-formed dyeing methods will not change the microscopic crystal phase of zirconia. 3-point bending test The results prove that the two dyeing methods have no effect on the bending strength of the zirconia block.


Article Source: Guangdong Dental Prevention and Treatment

Article number: 1006-5245(2015)08-401-05