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Other USES of the Intraoral  Scanner:

1. The best use of scanning in the field is in implants and implant-supported prostheses: intraoral scanning has a prominent advantage in the implant repair of a single missing tooth.

2. Pre-treatment plan.STL and DICOM data can match each other.Perfect reverse design improves safety, resulting in more precise placement of implants.

3.The IOS can effectively support the communication between medical workers and patients.By showing the occlusion on the screen, patients can better understand the treatment options they need.

4. Complete jaw scan was performed for the patient at the first visit, which can further optimize the patient's compliance.In addition, the application of the standard can achieve unexpected treatment and expected results.

5. Soft tissue scan will be broken in the future.

《Integration of the current application experience and future functions of intraoral scanning》 Deutscher Ärzteverlag, a professional dental journal in Germany  2017; 35 (8): 14-26)