Technical characteristics of digitization Chairside

1. Intraoral scanning technology realizes the direct conversion from the digital dental model of the dentition in the oral cavity, avoiding the errors in the process of making, transferring and casting the plaster model by the impression. The color three-dimensional scanning technology can restore the true three-dimensional shape of the oral tissue to the greatest extent. The advantages of texture, color, flexibility and intuitiveness are obvious, and the clinical application prospect is better.

2. The related technology of chair-side digital design software has obvious technical characteristics that are oriented to the needs of doctors. It has the characteristics of specialization of functions, flow of steps, parameter presetting and intelligent design. Starting from the actual clinical needs and finally Serves for diagnosis and treatment beside the chair.

3. The digital processing technology beside the chair refers to the miniaturized numerical control cutting or grinding technology mainly for processing glass ceramics or composite resin preform blocks. Localized systems include Aidite, Shendiao and other systems.

4. The three-dimensional printing technology beside the chair is divided into three categories: light curing, sintering and fusion forming. Keke quickly produces temporary test dentures with functional diagnosis.

"From the engineering point of view to talk about stomatology chair next to digital technology" Author: Zhao Yi Jiao, Wang Yong, Chinese Journal of Stomatology April 2018 Vol. 53 No. 4