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Study on microbial infection in oral cavity of denture base bracket and analysis of influencing factors

In this paper, the main pathogenic bacteria candida albicans infection related factors were analyzed. A total of 72 patients admitted to the department of stomatology, affiliated hospital of hangzhou normal university from January to September 2017 were selected as the study subjects, which were divided into two groups: 36 patients in the denture free group and 36 patients in the denture wearing group. Saliva and plaque culture were collected and the strain was preliminarily identified. Univariate and Logistic multivariate regression analysis was used to analyze the influencing factors that might be related to candida albicum infection.


Results there were 206 strains of culturable microorganisms in 72 patients, including 176 strains of anaerobic bacteria, 82 in the denture group and 94 in the denture group. There were 30 strains of candida albicans, including 8 cases in the denture group and 22 cases in the denture group. The composition ratios of candida albicans, proctella melanin and lactobacillus in the denture group were significantly higher than those in the denture group (P<0.05).The composition ratio of streptococcus mutans in the denture group was significantly lower than that in the denture group (P<0.05).There was no significant difference in the composition ratio of porphyromonas gingivalis between the two groups (P> 0.05).Single factor analysis confirmed the correlation between smoking, wearing denture at night, denture hygiene and denture service life and detection of candida albicans, and the differences were statistically significant (P<0.05).


The multivariate Logistic regression analysis suggested that smoking, wearing denture at night, denture hygiene and denture service life were the main factors affecting candida albicans infection.Denture and denture hygiene at night are the most important factors affecting candida albicans infection, which is more likely to cause denture stomatitis.

Chinese Journal of General Practice,October 2018,Vol. 16,No. 10