Glazed Brush


A revolutionary solution for your stain needs.

  • Metal and rust free. 

  • Plastic handle and ferrule.

  • Synthetic hair. 

  • Ideal for water based liquids and acids.

  • Non-replaceable brush tips.

Product advantages:

  • Premium kolinsky sable brushtips. 

  • New plastic handle and ferrule. 

  • Tip de-humidifying system


CAMEO Glazed Brush

[ Introduction ] 

The new MPF Synthesis Brush uniquely ‘combines elements’ by fusing two types of brush hair, kolinsky and synthetic, into one brush tip.

Due to industry demand, we’re developing a range of CAD-CAM products that will undoubtedly be successful in the mainstream and essential to every laboratory.

Our latest Zirconia Stain Brushes are made completely from ABS plastic for zero contamination of staining liquids from metal ferrules.

We have created several new accessory items such as Rainbow Drops, the Crown & Veneer Holder, a Crown & Bridge Stabilizing Paste, variations of the Honeycomb Stand with pins to suit all implant bound cases and for sintering in the hot zone of your furnace, Peg Fix, an environmentally safe refractory stabilizing paste, and Texture-Eyes, a brilliant copper paste used to identify your anatomy and contouring needs.

writing brush series-Zirconia Glazing Brush Set-

Writing Brush Series-Classic Glazed Brush