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Zirconia material is a special dental restoration material. It requires less equipment, time and materials than other materials. Zirconia materials can meet the needs of the laboratory customized solutions, which is the first choice of dental laboratory. Aidite provides you with four kinds of zirconia materials, namely superfect zir with super-high bending strength, honor zir with brilliant translucency, 3D / 3D Pro zir digital material and PMMA temporary repair material.

Aidite Superfect Zir

full ceramic restoration material

12_画板 1.png

Aidite Honor Zir

full ceramic restoration material

Aidite 3D pro Zir

Full Contour Zirconia Restoration Material

14_画板 1.png

Monochromatic PMMA

The solution for temporary restorations

8_画板 1.png
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